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Play Nes In 3D - Back to the past by way of the future

- Version 1.4 has been released, adding full support for Virtual Reality.

- 3DNes is free

- 3DNesPro - VR Version - costs 4.99$ at minimum

- Support Vive - Rift - Mobile Headsets via SteamVR - Oculus - Riftcat - TrinusVR

- 3DN files of popular nes games are included in windows builds

- Vive and Rift are only supported in Windows Build


- Play NES games with an unique 3D experience

- Support any display resolution - window mode or full screen

- Support adjustable game speed

- Mono or Stereo Sound

- Support Save/Load states

- Support zipped roms

- Create your own 3D interpretation.

- Share/Get 3D customizations at the 3dn repository

- Play with Virtual Reality headsets - Pro Feature

- Play with First Person View - Pro Feature

Quick Guide

- For Windows and Linux build, 3dn files are located in the sub folder 3dn

- For Max OSX build, 3dn files are located in the same folder of rom files

- For Windows builds, the 3dn collection has been already included in the release binary

- For Linux and Mac OSX build, the collection can be download from the separated zip file.

- For the new 3dn files or latest version of the old one, take a look at the repositoty

- Grab 3dn files of the game you want and put it in the correct location

- Change its name to match rom file, (if you already have the mario.nes rom then change the 3dn file name to mario.3dn).

- Launch 3dnes, open rom file then here we go!

- You want more 3dn files to select? Please share your work. It's not necessary a complete one. Someone will pick it up and add more refinement.


Forum: https://geod.itch.io/3dnes/community

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/3dnes/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tructv


Modding Tutorials

Play PC VR with Cardboard!


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5.00 USD. You will get access to the following files:

3DNesPro_Win_V1.4.0.zip 105 MB
3DNesPro_Linux_V1.4.0.zip 48 MB
3DNesPro_Mac_V1.4.0.zip 33 MB

Download demo

3DNes_Linux_V1.3.0.zip 47 MB
3DNes_Win_V1.4.0.zip 105 MB
3DNes_Linux_V1.4.0.zip 48 MB
3DNes_Mac_V1.4.0.zip 33 MB
3dn_V1.zip 76 MB

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