3dSen Maker

  • Add identifier and meta data for 3d profile.
  • Improve file browser dialog.
  •  Add support for 7z format.

To be used by 3dSen PC/VR, 3d profile need to be re-opened/saved by this version. Additionally you should enter some meta info for the profile by adding a scriptlet:

function Start()
    Profile.Maker = "Geod" -- your name
    Profile.Title = "Super Mario Bros." -- Game Name
    Profile.GameDev = "Nintendo" -- Game Developer


3dsen-maker-win.zip 68 MB
Version 7 Sep 12, 2020
3dsen-maker-linux.zip 63 MB
Version 7 Sep 12, 2020
3dsen-maker-mac.zip 90 MB
Version 7 Sep 12, 2020

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