V2.1 Release - V1 3dn profiles are compatible once again

Since the the start of V2 development, i was constantly feeling guilty and in dept to the community because of V1 compatibility dropping . Now i have finally found out a way to converted V1 profiles to V2 format. All info are kept except Geo parameters return back to default. The conversion is invisible and painless - just open a V1 profile it will automatically be converted to V2 and resaved to the disk. And to make thing even easier, i have converted and packed all V1 profiles i could gather and released Converted3dnV1.zip for everyone to download. Enjoy everyone!

Here are a quick test of some popular profiles ( well actually not that quick)


Converted3dnV1.zip 2 MB
34 days ago
3DNes_v2.1.zip 30 MB
34 days ago
3DNesVR_v2.1.zip 30 MB
34 days ago

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Great work! Thank you for this update :)