V2.1 Release - V1 3dn profiles are compatible once again

Since the the start of V2 development, i was constantly feeling guilty and in dept to the community because of V1 compatibility dropping . Now i have finally found out a way to converted V1 profiles to V2 format. All info are kept except Geo parameters return back to default. The conversion is invisible and painless - just open a V1 profile it will automatically be converted to V2 and resaved to the disk. And to make thing even easier, i have converted and packed all V1 profiles i could gather and released Converted3dnV1.zip for everyone to download. Enjoy everyone!

Here are a quick test of some popular profiles ( well actually not that quick)


Converted3dnV1.zip 2 MB
Mar 19, 2018
3DNes_v2.1.zip 30 MB
Mar 19, 2018
3DNesVR v2.1 - Legacy build 30 MB
Mar 19, 2018

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First of all, love this software, and am current working on making a Metroid Plus 3dn file, and am enjoying the process quite a bit! Although, I'm not sure if this is the place to ask questions, but could there perhaps be a 'replace color' tool added to the texture editor? The majority of my workload is spent erasing all but one color on a sprite, but with the current setup, I usually have to click on each individual pixel in order to clear them out, which can be rather time consuming. A color replacement tool would work wonders for this sort of thing, and cut my workload substantially...

Still, love this software though, and I would just like to know if this sort of thing could possibly be added in a later build. Looking forward to seeing what is added later on! 



is the proper place to ask question like this one.You should repost it there so anyone else can read.

Back to your question, the Fill tool match perfectly with your need. Just select the Fill Tool, select the transparent color (color 0) and click the color you want to replace. That's it.

Thanks for the quick response! I will make sure to post it there as well.

And the Fill tool is what I use at the moment, but that's not quite what I meant, sorry if I wasn't clear on that... I'm talking about a tool that will change all of the selected color on the texture to the color you have picked. For example, if there are orange pixels scattered around, clicking on one of them would replace all of the orange pixels in the editor with your selected color. The fill tool somewhat works as this, but you still have to select each spot where they are not connected.  (This can be problematic when editing larger patterns and sprites)

Also, would this go under the Support or General discussion page? Again, thanks for responding so quickly, I'm having fun with this program!

It's clear now.  I will add it in todo list. It's up to you but i think Support will be more suitable. 

Ah, thanks! I will put it onto support then! Thanks for the quick responses, and I will put a version of this post up on there!

Nothing at all. If you want to create a profile for a game that quite long like Metroid, i believe the best workflow is:

- Inject genie codes into  the rom

- Walk through the game and create save state at every key points: Two or three save state each level for example.

- Start creating profile with the help of all save state above.

Good luck!

This is amazing!!

Great work! Thank you for this update :)