3DNes 1.4 Release

- Add full support of Virtual Reality: Vive - Rift - Mobile Headsets via SteamVR - Oculus - Riftcat - TrinusVR

Version 1.4 change log:

- [New Feature][Shape Editor] multi shape processing (adjust, delete), multi shape merging

- [New Feature][Shape Editor] manually select tiles to create new shape.

- [Facility] Add 79 pre build 3dn file of popular nes games

- [New Feature][Pro] Vive - Oculus - 3D Monitor support

- [Change][Window][Linux] 3dn files will be managed at $3dnes_path/3dn

- [Bug Fix] Fix texture rendering bug in some nvidia cards. This is a regression bug.


3DNesPro_Win_V1.4.0.zip (105 MB)
18 days ago
3DNes_Win_V1.4.0.zip (105 MB)
18 days ago
3DNesPro_Linux_V1.4.0.zip (48 MB)
18 days ago
3DNes_Linux_V1.4.0.zip (48 MB)
18 days ago
3DNesPro_Mac_V1.4.0.zip (33 MB)
18 days ago
3DNes_Mac_V1.4.0.zip (33 MB)
18 days ago
3dn_V1.zip (76 MB)
18 days ago

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