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Wait a minute, what the crap? I thought I was getting access to non-Steam builds by buying this on It's just a placeholder!?!?


make free

I would love SBS support for legacy 3D devices like 3D TVs and monitors! Please add SBS 3D support!

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here you go. :) nvidia 3dvision .nip profile i created.

(note: probably need to use 425.31--the last 3d vision drivers. or use the 3D_Driver_Tool_V1.20_by_LOSTI patch to patch newer drivers with 3dvision

use NVidiaProfileInspector to load the .nip file, of course--also i think i set depth to like 40 or 50 for this, converge is fine where i have it).

Thanks for looking out, but I don’t use Nvidia 3D Vision. True SBS support would be more flexible for 3D TV’s, other 3D monitors for PC, and make it easier to take video and screenshots for viewing on other 3D devices.

3dsen for mac pleez


3dsen supports win, mac and linux


A steam key? Why can't I download it here? I'll give 5 bucks extra to not have to get on Steam.

Has development on this ceased? I can't find anything recent regarding it.


I know you're probably really busy keeping up with the PC and VR versions, but this would be so cool to have on Android too. 


wish they have one for super nintendo


I got excited until I saw the " Steam key only " part :(


Same here. I didn't want to buy on Steam I was waiting to be released on itch. It's a pity.

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I feels you guys. But there are still a lot of developments so Steam release only will save my time and effort. Thank you for your understanding.

Of course. It's your software , you do what you want, can and have to. Here I'm only saying a wish. Keep up the good work.


same here...but ghostdancer is totally right! It's your software and we are glad about the development either way!